18 Nigerian Celebrities That we lost 2022(Photos)

It is very known that the Nigerian entertainment industry is currently one of the most thriving industries in Nigeria and Africa at large, they have in many ways succeeded in putting smiles on the faces of many individuals.

Unfortunately, some of these entertainers who have put so much dedication, effort, and contribution to the entertainment industry over the years are no more.

Between January 2021 till December 2022, many entertainers (both young and seasoned actors and actresses who have made a wave in the industry) tragically left this life and in this article, I will be showing you about eighteen (18) painful deaths that hit the Nigerian industry within a short period of two years.

1) Ada Ameh


Ada Ameh is a well-loved popular Nollywood comic actress, known for her outstanding role as a mother in a tv series, “The Johnsons.” She was confirmed dead after she slumped and was rushed to a hospital in Delta State on the 17th of July 2022 Sunday.

She slumped during an occasion at an oil company some hours after sharing a video of herself and her family eating and having a good time that same Sunday around 12:53 pm on her Instagram.

Before her death, the famous actress reportedly suffered from an immense mental breakdown following the death of her only child in 2020. Also, in one of the videos she shared on social media, she was expressing her battle with her mental condition and how it was killing her slowly. She died at the age of 48 years old.

2) David Osagie


David Osagie, better known as Sir David is a Nollywood actor who died a day after filming on set. Ngọzi Ezeh announced the mysterious death of her colleague and according to her, the actor who was popularly known for playing the role of Kings in movies was not sick before his death. He died on the 4th of May 2022 at the age of 52 years old.

3) Lari Williams


Lari Williams is a Nigerian renowned Nollywood actor, also, was the inaugural president of the actors guild of Nigeria, which is still active to date.

He taught Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos, the Lagos State University, and the University of Calabar in Nigeria before his demise. The legend died on the 28th of February, 2022, after a protracted illness, at the age of 81 years old.

4) Bruno Iwuoha


Bruno Iwuoha was one of the most loved, favoured, and multiple award-winning Nollywood actors. Before his death, it was reported that the veteran actor and father of six children had a prolonged battle with diabetes. He died on the 10th of April, 2021, at the age of 68 years old.

5) Leo Mezie


Popular Nollywood actor Leonard Chimezie Onyemaechi, better known as Leo Mezie also departed from the entertainment industry following his complications with his kidney transplant.

Before his death, it was gathered that the late actor had a kidney transplant over four years ago, and a fresh one a few months ago. He died following his last kidney transplant which was accompanied by complications.

Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis, confirmed the death of Leo Mezie via a post on Instagram. He died on Saturday the 14th of May, 2022 at the age of 46 years old.

6) Baba Suwe


Late Alhaji King Babatunde Omidina, better known by his stage name as Baba Suwe, is a well-loved Nigerian actor and comedian. The comic actor died on the 22nd of November, 2021, at the age of 63 years old. His death was made public on his Instagram page by his son Adesola Omidina.

7) Takor Veronica


Takor Veronica is a fast-rising Nollywood actress and also a 200-level microbiology student at Benue State University (BSU), Makurdi. Her death was a shock to the Nollywood industry as well as a mystery as no one could unravel the real cause of her death.

According to reports, the Young actress died in a hotel room in the Nyinma suburb of Makurdi, Benue State on the 23rd of March, 2022, just a few days after she celebrated her birthday on the 12th of March 2022.

8) Tafa Oloyede


John Adewuni Adewoye, better known as Tafa Oloyede is a Nollywood actor who is popular in featuring mostly in Yoruba-speaking movies. The Nigerian actor who was born on the 19th of November, 1952 died after a brief illness on the 2nd of February, 2022, at the age of 69 years old

9) Ernest Asuzu


Ernest Asuzu was a renowned Nigerian actor who featured in over 50+ movies, he was born on the 7th of May 1984, and died on the 26th of January, 2021.

The sad death of the late actor was confirmed and made public by his partner, Jennifer Asuzu. According to her, he fainted one evening and failed to wake up. Ernest Asuzu died at the age of 37 years old.

10) Jim Lawson Maduike


Jim Lawson Maduike was a veteran Nigerian actor who was fond of playing royalty or ichie or a reputable individual in movies. He started featuring in movies in 2004 and successfully featured in over 100 movies before his death.

The legendary actor before his death complained of having severe body pains, he died on the 9th of January, 2021, at the age of 63 years old.

11) Chinedu Bernard


Late Miss Chinedu Bernard, a beautiful Nollywood rising actress who was already approaching mainstream fame when she was met with an untimely death.

The gorgeous actress died on the 29th of April, 2022, she slumped while cleaning the chapel of St. Leo the great catholic church in Enugu, and was taken to the East side Hospital in Enugu State, where she was pronounced dead by doctors. Her death was a mystery as the cause of her death could not be ascertained.

12) Francisca Choji


The death of Francisca Choji came as a shock to the entertainment industry as the up-and-coming actress was declared dead just two days after the death of Chinedu Bernard.

Francisca Choji died on the first day of May 2022. According to reports, Gabriel Ubah, the spokesperson of Plateau State Police confirmed the demise of the actress, Her body was found floating in the water at Rayfield resort hotel in Jos, Plateau State.

13) Chinedu Nwadike


Popular Nollywood actor and gospel singer also was amongst those who departed from the entertainment industry this year. In March 2022 news broke out that the late gospel singer had passed away in a hospital in Abuja after battling with a serious illness that eventually took his life. He was survived by his wife, and three children.

14) Gbenga Richards


Gbenga Richards, the veteran Nollywood actor was confirmed dead on Thursday the 12th of May, 2022 after battling a series of unknown ailments. The late actor during his prime was a vibrant actor who featured in over 100+ movies, he was a force to reckon with in the industry in the 1990s and early 2000s as he features mostly in action thriller movies.

15) Sam Obiagu


Sam Obiagu was a well-known and admired Nigerian actor, movie producer, director, and Tv personality who has also featured in over 100 Nollywood movies. He began his acting career in the year 2013 and managed to become one of the most paid/sought actors in the country. He is fond of playing roles of a father or royalty in Nollywood movies.

Daddy Sam as he was fondly called by his colleagues, his death was confirmed on the 22nd of December, 2021, by Emeka Rollas, the president of the actors guild of Nigeria.

16) Sound Sultan


Olanrewaju Abdul-Ganiu Fassai, better known as Sound Sultan, was a well-known Nigerian musician. He died on Sunday the 11th of June, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. He died at the age of 44 years old.

He was well known for using his music to speak against poverty, corruption, bad governance, and societal ills in Nigeria.

17) Rachel Oniga


Rachel Oniga, a popular figure in the movie industry, was born on the 23rd of May 1957. The veteran Nollywood actress starred in over 100 movies before her death. Rachel died from Coronary heart on the 30th of July 2021, at the age of 64 years old.

18) Ada Jesus


Mmesoma Mercy Obi, popular known as Ada Jesus was a popular Nigerian comedienne. The young comedienne died after battling kidney disease and also suffered a cardiac arrest. She died on the 20th of April, 2021, at the age of 23.

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