Everybody Please Help Me Praise This God” – Nigerian Lady Shares



When I was pregnant, I saw h*ll from day one of my pregnancy, the man that got me pregnant ran away, leaving me with the pregnancy because he had asked me to abort it and I refused , even when he came back, I thought everything will be fine which wasn’t the case. Instead I was abu$ed in my 8th month and was always in tears.


Even when I gave birth there was absolutely no help from him nor his family. even my own family had left and abandoned me because I got pregnant out of wedlock, friends left too, but God saw me through, God was always there for me, seriously I have never had the kind of sorrow, disgrace and shame I had through out my pregnancy


Immediately I gave birth to my twin boys, strength courage and most of all favor started coming in to my life. Even after I gave birth to my babies I was alone in the hospital but God always helped me miraculously, people from nowhere where coming in to visit me and even settle my bills each time I needed something. God always helps me miraculously. Now I’m working, someone help me got a comfortable job. I and my babies are fine, the father of the baby and his parents now want me to give them my babies, forgetting how they left us, I’m going to do my best to raise them.



 For protecting and providing for me, Lord am grateful. Like seriously so I’m alive to see my 25th birthday😭😭😭😭😭😭

Pls friends help me , celebrate and thank this God for he is faithful

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