I need a man That Would Understand that 5 Round is Just a warm Up- Nollywood Actress Destiny Etiko Reveals (Photos)

Destiny etiko says any sex below 5 rounds is just a warm-up. She has released details of her choice of man.  she just needs a man in her life who will basically get it straight that 5 rounds during sex are meant for introduction into the main game.

I need a man that would understand that 5 rounds is just a warm up.”

A few socialites especially guys reacted to her post … Read a few of them below:

“This one that can’t stand 20 straight ta ta ta ta ta is making noise

If you are going to be the rider.. Am all yours

That’s good.. And You equally need a man that will tell you that common sense you no get

All u need to do is bcom a pornstar

Even five rounds is a full time job

Anyone have her handle, I’m asking for a friend



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