woman gets emotional as she sees her husband off at the airport

A Nigerian lady could not contain her emotions as she shared moments when she saw her husband off to an airport to travel out of the country.

The woman identified as Ezenwa Ogonna shared a short clip on TikTok, documenting the moment she accompanied her husband to the airport. The lady, full of emotions broke down in tears and could be seen wiping her eyes with a cloth as she clung to her husband.

The lady was so emotional and was like a child who didn’t want to be separated from her mother.

Nigerian lady as she accompanies her husband to the airport
Ezenwa Ogonna, Nigerian lady weeps as husband travels out

Netizens could relate to her video as they assured her that things would be okay as they shared their similar experiences.

@divinelove_innocent said: “Have once felt this way…mehn it’s usually not easy, d anxiety that comes with this ehh.”

@landlady001 wrote: “Chai this is meooo, for 5 years of marriage, but thanks to God, we’re togethr now, i know how you feel.”

@chizobamichael commented: “Chaii!! It’s not really easy! You will get used to it, my sister went through stuff like that, thank God for my company and video call.”

@giftyaaron775gmail.com added: “Safe journey to him…just pray for him and leave the rest to God…things will work out for good for u both.”

Angry Lady Dumps Boyfriend For Not Picking Her From The Airport

Meanwhile, a young lady has revealed how she dumped her boyfriend after he refused to pick her up at the airport.

The lady, identified as Masango Sisanda, showed her boyfriend the exit door, underlining her displeasure at her lover’s insensitivity towards her.

Some netizens said she was a bit too harsh on her man, and maybe she was seeing someone else, but she explained that the excuse her man gave her was flimsy, and she wasn’t pleased with it.

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